As we grow older, it becomes known that in order to live the best life that we can, we need to take care of our bodies. This includes watching what we eat and following a nutritional diet and, of course, getting the proper amount of exercise. This not only helps us to avoid certain medical conditions and increases our chance of a longer life, but it also makes us feel good! The thing is, fitness is just as important for kids and teenagers as it is for adults.

In this day and age, the kids “playtime” is much different than how it was for older generations. When it was summer break or the weekend, kids were known to go play in the park, explore the outdoors, climb trees, etc. We’re not saying that this doesn’t still happen on occasion, but with the rise in technology, kids are more often found playing video games or messing with their tablets or phones indoors. This means that they are not participating in the physical activities that are so important to their health and development.

Here at Become Fitness, we know how important it is for youth to start taking care of their bodies early on. That’s why at our fitness centers in Westford and Methuen, we offer a wide variety of youth fitness classes to keep them moving and building their strength. In this blog post, we’ll talk about the benefits that exercise provides the younger ones and why it is so important. If you would like to learn more or are looking to enroll your child, contact us today or sign up online!

Good for the Heart

As you probably know, the heart is a muscle, and just like your biceps or your abs, your heart gets stronger when you exercise. Heart disease is the most common cause of death in the US and getting the right amount of physical activity goes a long way in preventing any complications. Even for children!

Controls Weight

Obesity is a huge problem in our country, including — if not especially — for the youth. This is due to the fact that so many of their diets revolve around fatty, processed foods, and also because they aren’t getting the exercise that they need. Not only is it important for them to keep their weight under control for health reasons, but as we all know, bullying is a huge problem these days and overweight children are commonly targeted.

Good for Energy

It’s likely that your child has a fair share of energy as they’re growing older, and it’s good for them to get that energy out in a healthy and productive way instead of acting like a terror in your household. As they grow older and stay up with their health and fitness, working out will actually help them to feel more energetic throughout the day.

Makes Them Happy

If you’re an avid gym-goer, then you will definitely relate to this. When your child works out, they will actually be happier and have more self-confidence! It has been found that serotonin is released during exercise which enhances energy and strength in our nerve cells. It is also believed that beta-endorphins are released which provides a feeling of happiness.

Prepares Them For Sports

Youth sports is incredibly beneficial to childhood. Not only is it fun, but it is also a great way for them to work on their social skills and make new friends, as well as learn how to take instructions from their coach, and the importance of working with their teammates. By joining one of our programs at our fitness center, your child will strengthen their muscles and enhance their agility which will carry over into the sports that they will be playing.

Encourages a Healthy Lifestyle

It’s so important to teach your child how important it is to live a healthy lifestyle from an early age. Then it will always just be a normal part of their lives and fitness won’t even be a second thought. You don’t want your child to think that eating poorly and lacking exercise is no big deal because when the time comes that they need to start focusing on their health, it will be more difficult for them to start and will be an uphill battle.

It’s Fun!

One of the best reasons that your child should join one of our exercise classes is because it really is a good time! While it is important for us that your young one follows directions and focuses on improving their health and fitness, that does not mean that we don’t encourage them to have a good time. We make sure that they are having a blast!

We offer a variety of classes for children and teens of all ages! If you would like to know more about our fitness center in Westford and Methuen and the classes that we offer, whether for your child or for yourself, then don’t hesitate to contact us today! We have programs for all ages and for people at all levels in their fitness journey. Make going to the gym something that your entire family can enjoy together! From the moment that you step in the door, you will see that we have a wide range of fitness equipment, a clean and non-crowded environment, and a staff that is ready to help you reach your goals. Sign up today!