I met the goal of losing 6% body fat!

“I just finished my 6-week challenge! I met the goal of losing 6% body fat! More importantly, though, I feel healthy and strong and that is all thanks to BeCome Fitness and their program. It’s a tough challenge and it requires commitment and willpower, but 6 weeks goes by way faster than you think, and the amount of change possible in such a short time is incredible. The challenge to get healthy changed my life so much! I have a new relationship with my body, I look at the food I choose to eat differently, and towards the end, everything else started falling into place too… my sleeping is better, my mood is brighter, I wake up with energy… I feel terrific! This place is truly a one of a kind gym that makes you feel welcome every time you walk in the door, the trainers motivate you, and the classes kick your butt in the best way possible. My trainer Ellen also helped me a lot with modifying exercises and figuring out how to work out and I’m so grateful for her! I’m honestly floored by the results I got, and I’m excited to become a member so I can set new goals and keep challenging myself.”

Amanda P.